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#licenseplate of the day ! :-) hope everyone’s Sunday is going great !

Yep this will be me some day :-D loll #licenseplate

This #licenseplate is dedicated to #Uconn. Congrats to the winners !

Loll ! Looks like he has huge alimony payout #licenseplate

Who’s gonna win ? :-) (at Pyrenees at Mountains Edge)

63 in January and 53 in April . #crazyweather

Highway to hell. #licenseplate

My #bmw will be postpaid :-) #licenseplate

Sochi Paralympics at a Glance


By now it’s fairly well known that we care a lot about headlines here at Upworthy. We write at least 25 of them for each post. We test them rigorously. Sometimes, we even make up a word to catch your eye.

Why? Because for us, headlines are an important means to an even more important end:

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